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About Us

A locally based non-profit providing in-home and inpatient hospice care for the body, mind and spirit of people nearing end of life and those who love them.



Beyond Hospice began in 2022, born from the friendship of longtime hospice caregivers, Kerry Keenan and Jill Schoenecker. Seeing a need in the community for a locally based, non-profit hospice offering high quality and holistic services, they gathered a roundtable of experienced caregivers. Expanding on decades of their own professional hospice experience they called on doctors, social workers, spiritual leaders and more nurses to see what could be imagined.

Together they dreamt of a hospice that wasn't out for big profits by shareholders elsewhere in the nation. After all, they all live, volunteer and have laid roots here in the Twin Cities. So, the mission became to serve this community rather than chase proceeds.

They began to envision a workplace where decisions were made by those who wholeheartedly care for others and the true mission of hospice. So, they built a team of smart, gentle, culturally competent humans to do collaborative decision making on the ground. They are committed to invest in staff, ensuring health in body and soul to serve from the deep well of strength and beauty within them. 

Since hospice care is of the utmost importance, they’ve set out to mentor a new generation of caregivers. Their reach is of historically underrepresented races, cultures, sexual orientations, gender expressions, and faith traditions. As they were each well mentored in compassionate end of life care, they wish to pass it on.

And so, it was then this new hospice took its final shape. Not only offering care to those nearing the end of this earthly life with expert symptom management, spiritual care and skilled therapies. They also extend attention to family and friends, offering a gentle touch, trusted companionship and bereavement care.


With that, we’d like to welcome you to Beyond. No matter the journey that’s brought you to us, we are here for you. At Beyond, the staff have a heart for hospice. Knowing that the transition from this life to whatever is beyond can be made with dignity, grace and beauty.

Our team.

We are a dedicated group of healthcare professionals, passionate about providing quality care to people who are nearing the end of life. 

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